I bought a new razor to live better


I bought a new razor. But isn't this a psychology blog? Well yes, I have a point. So after Christmas 2022, I bought a new razor, but not one from the supermarket but rather one from Beard and Blade, a specialist hair and shaving site. It's a old style safety razor, I remove the top [...]

I bought a new razor to live better2023-02-07T04:20:33+00:00

Your hobbies suck or, Why you need to seek better joy.


Yep, you read that right, your hobbies suck. I'm not apologising for it because it is true. You play with your kids? Spend time with your partner? Garden? Go to the gym? Wow, what a rule breaker. Your hobbies suck, they really do. I often sit across the room in therapy with a client and [...]

Your hobbies suck or, Why you need to seek better joy.2022-09-07T02:58:44+00:00

What is the treatment for blood phobia (hemophobia)


Hemophobia, blood phobia, fear of blood, whatever you call it, can be a major problem in the lives of sufferers. Broadly called blood-injury-injection phobia is a relatively common phobia and we are going to talk a little bit about the treatment options. A phobia, unlike a fear, is an unconscious response to a feared stimulus [...]

What is the treatment for blood phobia (hemophobia)2022-05-12T07:38:28+00:00

Better mental health today


5 Steps to better mental well-being There are so many ways that are sold to help you with better mental health and with the Internet being a big part of our lives it is so hard to determine fact from fiction.  The big issue is that people tend to look at wholesale change, rather than [...]

Better mental health today2023-02-08T23:38:41+00:00

Anxiety at work


There has been a lot of focus on stress and anxiety at work in the past few weeks, with several news articles coming out talking about these issues. I thought that it would be good to look at some of the reasons that people present to a Psychologist for anxiety at work to help to [...]

Anxiety at work2022-05-10T07:24:47+00:00
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