Bulk billing psychology gold coast


Insite Psychology offers a range of rebates and fee structures to ensure that clients are able to access a psychology services which meets their needs. We believe that no person should be ‘priced out’ of appropriate treatment, so will make arrangements for you at your request which allows you to seek treatment.


If you have been referred by your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) then your visits will be partly covered under this program. Rebates under this program cover around $93 of each session, up to a session limit of 10. The MHCP program has allowed many Australians to access affordable mental health care with suitably qualified professionals. Medicare rebates will be processed to your nominated account within 24 hours, with reimbursement usually occurring withing 48 hours after session.

Bulk Billing Psychology sessions

In order for you to be eligible for bulk billed psychology sessions you must have a referral from your GP (MHCP) and a Health Care Care. There are a limited amount of bulk billed sessions available per week, so there may be some wait list for sessions. If you wish to book a bulk billed session, please notify reception staff at the time of booking your appointment.

Private Health Funds

Insite Psychology is registered with most major health funds in Australia for ancillary or extras benefits. Speak to you health care provider about your personal limits and rebates. Please note that it is not possible to use both Medicare and Private Health rebates for the same service occasion.

Private Fee Clients

If you do not have a referral for your sessions, you are able to self refer to Insite Psychology. Fees for private sessions are the same as for Medicare sessions however you will not be eligible for a rebate for this service.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Insite Psychology is registered as a provider with the Department of Veterans Affairs and as a result we are able to offer psychology services to veterans of the Gold Coast at no cost to them.

Health Care Card Holders

If you hold a Health Care Card, and have an appropriate MHCP referral, psychology services will be discounted for the duration of the referral (10 sessions).

Skype and Zoom Psychology Sessions

Online video sessions are currently partially covered under the Medicare Mental Health care plan arrangements. If you wish to access online psychology sessions, please contact us.

Insite Psychology also offers online psychology sessions through Rural Health Connect, which can be booked directly through their website. Sessions can be either telephone or video.


We understand that life happens and that sometimes you may be unable to attend a schedule appointment. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice prior to your appointment so that we may book another client on our waitlist. Appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours or are ‘no show’ will attract a cancellation fee.

What to expect at your appointments

Initial Appointment

This appointment is generally to gather a thorough clinical history of the difficulties that you are facing, identify coping strategies and resources that you may already have at your disposal. In this session we will also go through how therapy works and what to expect, in addition to answering any questions that you may have in relation to your difficulties, your referral or the way that we work. We will also work out scheduling for your subsequent appointments so that we can maintain consistent contact.

Subsequent Appointments

Subsequent sessions will focus on the issues which are significant to you. If there are certain areas that you would like to cover you may tell us at the commencement of the session. At the start of each session we will recap what has happened in the intervening time and also then set an agenda for the session, working through the issues and possible solutions and strategies of each.

If you are on a MHCP at the conclusion of 6 sessions, a report will be prepared for your GP so that they may make a decision about your ongoing care.