Author: Cameron Brown

5 Common questions about anxiety

Some of the most important work that I feel like I do as a Psychologist is providing psychoeducation and allowing people to explore the reasons and causes of their stresses. So I thought that putting together post that looks at questions about anxiety would be a good starting point. Questions about anxiety Will anxiety kill […]

Managing Family stress on the Holidays

Managing difficult times means preparing as much as possible. We wouldn’t go into an exam without study or into a work meeting without gathering the required information. So to cut out stress early make sure that you are doing the basics well and getting good sleep, working on meditation (or whatever relaxation works for you), […]

Research in Blood Phobia – what helps and what doesn’t

As noted in a 2004 research paper, blood phobia is ‘the neglected one‘ when it comes to treatment options and research. I thought that I might have a look at some of the findings of research for blood phobia and to look at what seems to work and what may not work. I will also […]

Your hobbies suck or, Why you need to seek better joy.

Yep, you read that right, your hobbies suck. I’m not apologising for it because it is true. You play with your kids? Spend time with your partner? Garden? Go to the gym? Wow, what a rule breaker. Your hobbies suck, they really do. I often sit across the room in therapy with a client and […]

Accessing a Psychologist in Australia

Mental Health Care Plan – a Mental health care plan is a referral written by a GP which entitles you to access between 10-20 sessions with a Psychologist. It is important to note that even with this referral you are not entitled to bulk billing. Many Psychologists may charge a fee on top of the […]

What is the treatment for blood phobia (hemophobia)

Hemophobia, blood phobia, fear of blood, whatever you call it, can be a major problem in the lives of sufferers. Broadly called blood-injury-injection phobia is a relatively common phobia and we are going to talk a little bit about the treatment options. A phobia, unlike a fear, is an unconscious response to a feared stimulus […]

Anxiety at work

There has been a lot of focus on stress and anxiety at work in the past few weeks, with several news articles coming out talking about these issues. I thought that it would be good to look at some of the reasons that people present to a Psychologist for anxiety at work to help to […]